You Found Me

I was raised up north by southerners and moved to Louisiana in 1987, where I have lived ever since. My books of fiction are Down at the End of the River (Margaret Media, 2008), Americanisation (Livingston Press, 2011), and Oily (Spaceboy Books, 2018). I live, write, and teach in Baton Rouge.

My most recent work has been graphic memoir, published by these journals:

 The fine folks over at Hobart have begun publishing a serialization of my graphic memoir, Words Fail. Read the first installment here.

 I am stoked to see my graphic memoir, "The Art Table," in Shenandoah.

Five Graphic Memoirs in One Fell Swoop

Grub Street Literary Magazine has published five of my brief graphic memoirs. Check them out!

So it turns out that the fine folks over at Obelus Journal have excellent taste in short graphic memoirs!
I'm flattered that they have published my piece, "Lithography."

Half-Mast Summer

The city of Baton Rouge had a terrible summer in 2016. On July 5, police officers shot and killed Alton Sterling in the parking lot of the Triple S Food Mart, sparking protests. On July 17, Gavin Long ambushed police officers and deputies, shooting six (three of them fatally) near a BQuik convenience store. Four weeks later, a 1,000-year storm caused widespread flooding throughout the Baton Rouge metro area, killing 13 people and ruining tens of thousands of homes.
The big American flags at car dealerships along Airline Highway flew at half mast for a total of 20 days that summer: June 12-16 in honor of the victims of the Pulse shooting in Orlando, July 8-12 in honor of the victims of the ambush of police in Dallas, July 15-19 in honor of the victims of the terrorist attack in Nice, and July 18-22 in honor of the victims of the ambush of police in Baton Rouge. They did not fly at half mast for Alton Sterling or those who died in the flood.
I'm honored that the editors of Slag Glass City have published my graphic narrative about my family's experience of the summer of 2016.

More Graphic Memoir

The fine folks at Grub Street Literary Magazine have published three of my one-page graphic memoirs in their latest issue. Read them here.