Angus Woodward is a Louisiana writer of prose whose comic novel, Americanisation: Lessons in American Culture and Language, was published by Livingston Press in 2011. Oxford American hailed Americanisation as “a hilariously crafted postmodern novel wedged into the template of a social-studies textbook for immigrants.” Of Americanisation’s innovative form, the New York Journal of Books said, “Since the novel is 500 years old, it has been hypothesized that the idiom is exhausted of original ideas. With Americanisation, Mr. Woodward disproves this hypothesis….” Americanisation also made Library Journal’s list of notable first novels for fall 2011. Michael Griffith called it " A darkly comic, delightful book.” Michael Martone said it was "...a hilarious simulacrum, a map more detailed than the thing it is meant to represent," and added, "It is drop-dead, deadpan funny.” Margaret Media published his short story collection, Down at the End of the River, in 2008. His fiction can be found in a variety of journals and anthologies, including Mochila Review, Alimentum, Nightsun, and the Forest Press anthology Stolen Stories. His nonfiction has appeared in Normal School, Sport Literate and the University of Nebraska Press anthology Living Blue in the Red States (2007). You can contact Angus at awoodw64(at)

How to Write a Memoir in Just Seven Wrenching Steps

Some guy writing under the pen name A7 has published a "blook" called How to Write a Memoir in Just Seven Wrenching Steps. I find his approach refreshing. The blook is not really a how-to (it's actually a memoir), and he has this dream in which readers become participants, sharing and commenting and even illustrating. It's a funny book (er, blook) that tackles some serious issues like bullying and suicide.

It's worth checking out here.

I've taken the liberty (I'm sure he won't mind) of sharing one of my favorite illustrations, "The Wrestler in the Kitchen" (which represents an analogy he uses in the second chapter, "Step Two: Come to Grips with Your Childhood").

Interviews with Angus

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